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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

No! No! Don't do it Adrian! DON'T DIVE!

Poor Adrian Peterson. He will most likely never be in an OU uniform again. I'm like totally crying in my Haagan-Daz sorbet. And now it's time to play: anecdote from Steezer regarding a broken collar bone!


Many many many moons ago, my family was visiting my grandparents out on the farm. My Lil Sis, no older than 8 at the time, was playing with our cousin-of-the-same-age Kayla (who is four years younger than me, is married, has a baby, and just got her manicurist license! Uhhh! Unfair!). You know how kids can sometimes play really rough games that get out of control? Well this particular afternoon, Kayla and Lil Sis were no different. They were involved in a match to the death of....scary climactic music...ring-around-the-rosey. I to this day don't know why my parents would stand for letting them play that in the living room.

As you can imagine, things got out of hand. Sure, things seemed fine while they ringed around that rosey, with their pockets full of posies. But they took a turn for the worse. A terrible, terrible turn. When it came time to make those ashes fall down, stocky Kayla yanked the hell out of Lil Sis's arm to bring her down. Lil Sis cried for hours and the family was pretty much like "I can't wait until she turns off the waterworks...she got what she deserved for playing the equivalent of Celebrity Deathmatch." After she continued to whine, my parents decided they'd take her to the doctor to be sure nothing was wrong. The diagnosis: a broken collar bone.

They put her arm in a sling and she was fine a few weeks later. My mom's pride never recovered (especially after a few years passed and she fell and broke her arm...another injury my parents brushed off as her crying wolf) and to this day, she still treats lil sis like a baby.

My point is this: Adrian, I know breaking your collar bone playing football (sissy way) isn't the same as breaking it playing ring-around-the-rosey (tough way). But if Lil Sis of Steezer can recover so can you. So chin up TT! You'll be back playing with your dollies in no time!!


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