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Saturday, October 14, 2006

My jeans, my shirt, my parents, upstairs, my bartender, etc

Steez almost had to cut a bitch.

Much like I said on OSU gameday, I was feeling weird about the game all day today. While my parentals were seeing Babs last nite, I hung out with the Bear and had a few beers, then went home early. I woke up at 4 a.m. and ralphed. I think those of you who know the steezer would know that it takes A LOT MORE than 4-5 beers to make me ralph. So something was wrong. While laying awake for 2.5 hours, I checked the 'ol series of tubes, and found that 3-4 stud member of our defense were going to be out today. Whether we're playing Ohio State or Baylor, that is no good. And as my parents and I walked to Rhodeside, I said, "you know what...I'm nervous about this game. But maybe it's cuz I alway get nervous before supposed 'blow outs' because we're ripe for a let down.'"


On that first play, and after going 3-and-out twice in a row, I almost threw my parents out of Rhodeside. My mom looked over and said, "We're not going home. We're having fun." I looked back at my mother, the Methodist minister, and said, "IF WE KEEP LOSING YOU ARE GOING HOME BECAUSE YOU ARE FUCKING UNLUCKY!!!!!!!"

And about that time Billy Pittman scored, and we finally turned that shit around.

I mentioned last week that I allowed myself to think about how I would react to us losing to OU (and that it involved tears). In the first quarter today, I was seriously on the verge of tears. Losing to OU is one thing. Losing to Baylor, AT HOME, that is suicide worthy.

But FORGET IT! We won, CMcC broke the single-game passing TD record. I still believe in Colt McCoy. And once again, I said "When is Colt gonna hit Limas," and it happened less than 15 seconds later. I need to start thinking that every 10-13 seconds because obviously CMcC is in tune with my brain waves.

That's all I'll say for nowsys on Texas/Baylor. Tomorrow morning I'm putting moms and pops in a cab to the airport, and then filling up the flask before watching my Vince. It makes me sad that Vince is in town and he hasn't called me yet. I'm not an 'easy' girl, but when it comes to Mr. Young, I'm as easy as Deal or No Deal.

Just sayin.


At 11:34 PM , Anonymous you'll know... said...

There is no reason to hate. And for a team as "good" as UT to look so not good against Baylor...shameful.


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