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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's Noon....


Apologies that it's now Wednesday at noon and I haven't acknowledged yet
that it's the biggest week of the year: Texas/OU week. I was out of town
Monday and pumping iron all day yesterday.

The Statesman acknowledged this yesterday, and I have to agree: the hype
and excitement about this game does not seem anywhere near as big as it
usually is. This is for several reasons. Neither of us is in the top five
for the first time in like 1 million years. We're no longer carrying the
lost x number in row burden. Neither team is undefeated. And your momma
isn't as ugly as she used to be.

The biggest story of the game of course is Adrian Peterson. He will no
longer be called as such on this blog; from henceforth he shall be known as
TT, which stands for Texas Traitor. This jerkwad from Palestine, TX or some
other place where they apparently breed idiots, choose OUsucks over Texas
because he "wanted to win a national championship." Let's review: in 2005,
OU gets shellacked by Kansas State in the Big 12 Championship, but still
makes the title game and subsequently gets bent over by USC. In 2006, Texas
beats USC and wins the title.

Great choice TT. I'd call you peepee instead because it rhymes, but you
don't have one. HAHAHA!

Here's a list of more world famous traitors:
Benedict Arnold
Your mom's face
The Bear for inviting Pants and Despair to OktSOBERfest
Longhorn fans who rooted for the Cowboys last weekend instead of for Vince
The Washington Post Expess's belly fat girl, who this week looks exactly
like me (meaning no belly fat, only thunder thighs. Seriously. I stared at
it for a while and wondered who was responsible for turning me into computer
animation and why)

I can't think of anymore right now, but rest assured more will be added.


At 9:40 AM , Anonymous Sally said...

I almost spit out cinnamon latte on my computer while reading this post. Good work.


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