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Saturday, October 21, 2006

I'm too hyped

I can't sleep so let me just go ahead and say again how unbelievable that game was. Even ESPN is loving on Texas right now, and more specifically, on Colt. In a game when so many of our dudes made enormous plays (Aaron Ross may actually be a bigger hoss than Michaelf Huff; That dude is unreal) the analysts are talking about Colt. And they should be. It's hard to believe just a few weeks ago we were in a qb controversy. The only controversy I see right now is whether Colt wins the Heisman this year or next year.

Okay maybe not, but still.

The comparisons to Major Applewhite are obvious. Baby-faced red shirt freshman with a name money couldn't buy wins in Nebraska. But today it didnt seem to be a coincidence that Vince was on the sideline. Colt was a cool ass customer all day, and in particular on that last drive. Just like Vince, he wasn't shaken. He was just like "I'm gonna do what I do, baby." Hot damn!

I was (of course) on my feet the whole game, and was stressing pretty much the whole time. When Greg the Leg missed the first PAT I said to the Bear, that could come back and haunt us. And obviously I was right, though no one should be surprised by that. At the end of the game as the kicking team took the field, we all looked at each other like "WTF!?" just as I'm sure every fan in orange did. But I can one up you. The team lines up and then...ZAP...all the tvs at Rhodeside went out. I literally think that I yelled so loud my brain came out of my ear and I had to shove it back in. After a freaking eternity (real time: 7-10 seconds) someone starts pointing at a tv in the corner that had been on a differnt channel which had cut over to our game for an update. Two guys start screaming "HE MADE IT! HE MADE IT! HE MADE IT!" And the celebrating began. It was amongst the most intense moments of my life...thinking about it makes my heart pitter.

Crickey. I feel like I could say about 100 things about today. Sally is involved in most of them...I couldnt even list them all but I will say it involved (1) promising God she'd go to church tomorrow and put money (GOD, WHAT DO YOU WANT? $20??? YOU KNOW I AINT RICH) in the collection plate and (2) yelling at my San Antonio homey to go back to the bathroom because he was unlucky (DO YOU SEE NOW WHY WHEN I SAY GO TO THE BATHROOM, YOU GO TO THE FUCKING BATHROOM!?). Those of you who know Sally are, I'm sure, not surprised to hear this. Even FTP fed the superstition fire, sending us a text to "switch your beer, take off your shirt, DO SOMETHING!" I'm telling you that me and the people around me have incredible sway in the universe to influence the outcome of these games. So friends and foes: keep me happy.

I guess I'll let that be that. HOOK THEM FRIGGIN HORNS!!

Oh also, I hope some sweet girl is AT LEAST letting Ryan Bailey motor boat her boobs tonite.


At 9:42 AM , Anonymous dave said...

i'd have shit my pants if the tv went out. which wouldn't have been a big deal, seeing as though i did so after aaron ross's forced fumble.


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