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Saturday, October 21, 2006


I'm nervous about today. I've been nervous all week, and then tonite I dreamed that we lost. Not only that we lost but that we had 0 yards of total offense. Now maybe that was God's way of telling me that my nervousness is silly, but still. I was so nervous I tossed and turned all nite.

Nebraska is dying for a big win against a big team. We've had their number at home, which they hate. And our pass defense has been worrisome (thank you Kirk Bohls for making me feel so much better). But I still believe in Colt McCoy. I do. He saves lives. I bet Zac Taylor can only drink a pint of skim milk everyday. What a weenie.

No Nebraska post would be complete without mention of the 2002 trip to Lincoln with Kacie, Sass and some other bitch whose memory Ive blocked out. It was pretty much the greatest weekend of my life. It's weird to think back that at first it was just going to be me and crazy bitch going. But after OU weekend, Sass signed on, and with her on our side Kacie was easy to peer pressure. So many hilarious things that weekend...Gate 1; Look at those Gigantic Hogs; I forgot all my coats; O-O-O-O Street. I really wanted to go back this year but oooooooh wellllllll.

Anyways...hook em horns! Prove me to be superstitious fool boys!


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