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Monday, October 30, 2006

Have you worn that shirt before? No!? THEN TAKE IT OFF

It's true folks, I have discovered yet another unlucky shirt. Damn it! And this one I really liked too. But I got naked* for my team, and it worked, so the shirt's gotta go.

On my way home tonite I started to think about Temple, who finally broke their 20 game losing streak last weekend. In some ways, I think going to a school that never wins might be nice. No, not nice, just less stressful. Sister let me tell you...for the third g-d week in a row my heart was in my chest. Scratch that. It's always in your chest. My stomach was in my knees. A couple people kept bringing up the comeback versus OSU last year, and I kept thinking, "BUT WE DON'T HAVE VINCE!!!" Well crickey, who knew that we didn't need Vince, we just needed Meesta McCoy.

I don't want to make myself sound old, but this kid just keeps on surprising me. He'll break the Texas freshman touchdown record in the first half of the game next weekend. I'm pretty sure he'll break the national record the following weekend. I never in one million years would have thought he'd be the story of the season. The earlier Heisman post was kind of a joke, but after reading ESPN's INFURIATING Heisman poll, I say we buy Colt a ticket to NYC. I can pitch in $5. Who's with me?

After the game there was, of course much celebrating. I stole some candy, someone else almost stole a dog. It was one of those nites. But well f-ing worth it. COLT MCCOY!!!

As an aside, I have the Patriots game on as background noise just in case my boy DT does something. Apparently earlier he had a catch for a first down and I missed it. That ain't cool. F-ing Tom Brady is lighting Minnesota up, meaning my chance at first place in my stupif fantasy football league is probably shot. I was up by 30 points and that little pretty boy prettied his way to 4 touchdowns. Touchdown whore.

Oh and one last thing...absoluetely beautiful for Vince to beat the Texans yesterday. It's like that scene in "Pretty Woman:"

"Hey Texans? You win by scoring touchdowns don't you? Big Mistake. Huge."

*Not really. I had my Roy/Limas youth small jersey on, and later the Bear's VY jersey. Actually funny story: I was waiting the entire first half to have a reason to unveil the Limas jersey underneath the unlucky shirt (how's my boy only gonna have two catches on a day I'm trying to represent?). Anyways, that girl standing on a chair in the middle of Rhodeside ripping off her shirt to show the jersey underneath after his td? That was my friend......Susan.

Update: Turns out Brady earned 29 points last nite, meaning I still won my match up meaning I'm in first place bitches. I bet Corco is really mad he talked me into playing. Sucker.


At 7:31 PM , Anonymous PB @ BON said...

Still unfathomable that the Texans didn't draft Vince Young. I mean, honestly, how dense can you be? Even if it's purely a business decision - as opposed to a football decision - how do you NOT take Vince? I was soooo ready to be a Texans fan.

Now, they're on my hate list.

And, yes, hating is fun.


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