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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Give the ball to Limas!!

Yeah, I know, I'm irresistable.

When I originally got this jersey, it was in honor of Mr. Roy Williams. But just as Limas asked Roy permission to wear #4 at Texas, I asked Roy permission to wear #4 today to honor Limas. Thanks Roy. I'll see you when I get home.

As the Statesman reminded me, we have a very questionable pass defense, and Tech has the country's best passing offense. Oh no. Oooooh no. Last year's game was supposed to be a big 'un. Gameday was even in Austin for it. I was in Austin for it visiting what I like to call "the big bald mistake of fall 2005." It was pretty much no contest last year. After having consumed a few too many Lone Stars at the tailgate, I hightailed it to the bathroom at halftime. I arrived back in the stadium just as the second half started, and just in time to see Billy Pittmaaaaaaan take a pass 80 yards. Delicious.

It'll be different today, since we're in their house and we don't have Vince. But we do have Colt McCoy and we do have Limas.


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