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Thursday, October 05, 2006

A forgetten (read blocked) Simms memory

In preparing myself both mentally and liver-ally for OUsucks, I remembered a part of the Simms legend that I forgot to acknowledge previously. It's a visual that NO DOUBT will be shown on TV on Saturday. In fact, I'd put the over/under on them showing it at 3. The number of times I'll watch it is 0 because every time they show it I shield my eyes...it's probably one of the worst moments in Texas football history. I'm talking of course about the 2001 game, when Roy Williams (the evil one) flew over the line of scrimmage when we were on the 2 yard line, sacked Chris as he was about to throw which knocked th ball loose, and was caught for a touchdown by some other cousin-lover for a TD.

The worst part about it (actually there are lots of worse parts about it) is that we were down 7-3, and when they pinned us back we all thought "Chris is going to drive us 97 yards, run out the clock, and we're going to get our ripe revenge." Maybe just me and my friends thought that, but in my head I had visions of the next day's headlines...of Chris FINALLY doing something to make him the good guy.

In retrospect it wasn't his fault he got sacked. It was a fluke freak play. That's what makes it so much harder to watch every g-d year on ABC. I'm also mentally preparing myself for ABC to remind us of what the last six years have brought with this game. Hopefully after we win, they'll forget that streak for a few years.


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