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Monday, October 16, 2006

Arf we selebrating?

The Redskins game was F.U.N. yesterday. We started the day early with brunch and bloodys at Hawk and Dove. HnD's has $2.75 bloodys. For that price, I dont even care if they're mediocre or if they serve sour pancake mix. Drinky drinky drinky, then metro-ed to the game with two flasks securely tucked away. Sally declared that next season we're taking in three flasks, but seriously I don't think that we could handle three.

My favorite part of the afternoon (okay, one of my favorites) was when some obnoxious fan started yelling "scoreboard! scoreboard! scoreboard!" to us in the second quarter. The Bear walked down to him very quietly and said something in his ear. The guy listened, and then sat down while Bear came back and joined us. I asked him what he said, and he responded that he gently reminded the young man that he was yelling scoreboard during a game they were winning by one point to a team that was 0-5.

Nuff said.

By the end of the afternoon (after making hand babies with Vince and after burgers with Bear), I walked in and crashed on the couch. Serious crash. I may have done something before falling asleep but I dont remember. I remember walking in the door, and next thing I know it's 10 p.m. and Roomie and her cuzin are walking in. Apparently I acted like a hooker who just got caught servicing at the laundromat, and all but ran to my room.

Fast forward to this morning. I noticed in the shower that my left leg looked like Ike Turner went to town on it. I emailed the group and was told that the answer usually lies in your text message outbox. That's where I found the above message sent to several other friends at the game. I was also told that in trying to get to Vince I attempted to hurdle several rows at a time. Smart? No. Successful? Yeeeess.


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