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Friday, October 06, 2006

And on another topic

First off, Corco, if you ever read this, I'm sorry.

This has nothing to do with the usual run of the mill topics. But it's a cold rainy nite here in D.C., the first of I'm sure many, and I decided not to go to ick bar with Sally, and to hang out close to home. Imagine my surprise when Corco, new neighbor, invites me over for a low key game nite. Woohoo...just what I wanted. A low key evening to give my liver a rest before the big day tomorrow.

Not quite. I ended up at a nerd party. Corco and his fiancee are fine, nice folks. But they have nerdy-ass friends. First off, they all have advanced degrees in useless topics. Such as russian history. Some of them have husbands they met while living/studying in Hungary who understand virtually nothing about anything (geez! foreigners! acclimate already!). Some of them didn't know who Mark Foley was, and yet laughed at ME for not knowing who William Tell was. Hey, loser, put down your nerd book and pick up a newspaper...and while you have said paper, maybe read more than the first section. Glance at the sports/entertainment sections...you don't have to read it, just maybe learn some names. Oh, and on your way back from buying a newspaprer, maybe pop into a store where you can buy jeans that (a) aren't too short and (2) arent "reverse fit" or "tapered."

The two things I hate most in the world are people who mock Texas, which Corco thinks is hilarious, and people who make me feel bad for knowing that Johnny Depp owns the Viper Room; or that Steve Rubell owned/ran Studio 54; or even that "Exhale (Shoop, Shoop)" is the theme song for "Waiting to Exhale." I may not know more than three Russian or Irish historical figures, but at least I can conversate like a normal person.

So now that's off my chest. Last year the nite before the OU game (aka Bender Weekend 2005), FTP, Eddie and I drank at C&D's all nite while waiting for CMart and Carter. The evening ended (more accurately, my memory of it ended) when the bartender started making me kamikazi margaritas. The beginning of a great weekend ("Cleveland doesn't work here for 8 years....18 YEARS...and not know shit. Am I right Cleveland?" "Emily, I bet you can't make out with that guy." "Steez, why did we leave so early?" "Um, because you got thrown out.")

More randomness:
-My superstitions are kicking in. I just got some hot new Banana jeans, but I can't let myself wear them tomorrow because I've never worn them to a game before...and if we started to lose, then I could NEVER wear them because they'd be unlucky. It sounds crazy, but your face is crazy.
-I wish my roommate would use less cups.
-I wish my roommate would buy fewer papers
-I love my roommate
-Chris O'Donnell over Patrick Dempsey. Never thought I'd say that, but I mean it.
-I allowed myself to consider my reaction if we lost, and it definitely included tears. Lots of them.
-Further proof Rhodeside is the greatest place in the world...they're serving a special menu tomorrow featuring fair foods. I cannot wait for a mofo corndog.
-I'm going to take my camera for documentation, and i'm going to leave my phone at home. It's better for everyone (and hopefully involves less shame)
-FTP is going to an away game without me. It's bullshit.

11:56, and OU STILL SUCKS!


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finn is a stalker


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