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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Win or lose, I'm still a Longhorn

It's been 24 hours, and the loss is just now hitting me (the loss of FTP too). I felt off all day. It may have been because I was hungover like a MOFO for most of the day, but it was more than that. I just felt off. Obviously the turning point in the game was Billy Pittman's fumble on the 2-yard-line. The crowd never fully recovered after that, and neither did the team. We missed the shit out of Tarrell Brown...their wide receivers were wide the f open all day long. UGH!!! I feel like I have tourettes because every now and then I just yell: "FUCK!"

I would feel worse if we had been blown out (Hello Penn State!) or had been in a close game and then lost in a heartbreaker. So overall, we lost to the #1 team and dropped to #8. Not too shabby. My life won't end. It'll just be a little sad for a few days. Maybe a lot sad.


Onto another topic...there has been some discussion regarding the title of this blog. Here is the answer.

No: He-Is-Girl
Yes: Heis-girl (as in not HeisMAN, but HeisGIRL)

It's okay if you were confused; my humor is quite advanced. More later when I'm back in DCizzle. FOr now I need to call in sick.


At 11:16 PM , Anonymous FTP said...

I'm pretty sure it wasn't your hangover that caused the loss as much as the drunk-as-FUCK frat boys behind us. For the love people, if you're gonna scream and yell in a stadium filled with 90,000 other screaming fans (yes, I still don't have a voice), please PLEASE make sure you know what the hell you're talking about. The only people that can hear you are the ones unfortunate enough to be immediately around you. And one last thing, if you're gonna drink heavily before/during the game, find a friend to fall all over and LEAVE US ALONE!!!


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