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Friday, September 22, 2006

Whatever! I do what I want!

More on the OUSucks crisis from the Mighty MJD:

The Washington AD should call a press conference tomorrow and say something like, “We’re really not comfortable playing a game against a group of twelve-year-old girls. We understand that the Oklahoma people are afraid that the referees will be mean to them again, and we don’t want anyone’s feelings to get hurt. We’re not playing them, but we do wish them the best of luck in the future, and in securing a berth in the Tampax Gentle Glide Bowl.”

Lots of sports blogs are talking about this new "female football" blog on iVillage. It's craptacular. Sample advice: If you're at a game and don't understand what's going on, then hike up your skirt, fluff up your boobs, giggle and then ask a cute boy. Great story about it here. Even the Malibu Stacy reference makes a little pee come out.

Another week draws to a close. Iowa State up next for Texas. Only two weeks until we start a new winning streak against OUSucks. That is almost always the drunkest day of the year. And speaking of my favorite hobby, last Saturday I was so drunk, I pocketed the tip money and totally stiffed our bomb-ass server Dre. I had the Bear call him and apologize, and tomorrow I'll arrive already $20 in the hole.


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