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Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Return of the Mack

The winning resumes today. And not soon enough.

People have been talking about this day of football for months. Roomie just came down the hall and said "What's the big game today?" The easier question is what isn't the big game today (the answer: Syracuse/Illinois). I've got a fridge full of beer to get me through the early part of the day before hitting Rhodeside.

As much as I love Saturdays in the fall, Saturday morning's are a different story. I always seem to face the same dilemmas: should I sleep in, or should I get up and watch Gameday? If I'm going to watch Gameday, should I watch it at home or should I go to the gym? If I'm going to watch it at home, should I go get a bagel and/or coffee? If I'm going to get a bagel should I go to the good place or go to Cosi? If I'm going to leave, should I DVR Gameday, or just settle for missing some of it?

Now my head hurts. Maybe I should go get coffee to make me feel better. Should I got 7-11 or to...After spending a week trying to not read that much about Texas because I was avoiding reading about last week's game, I just had to remind myself that we play today. It's the return of Major. Would you like to hear a story about Major? I have a couple, but this one involves me which makes it more important.

At Major's last home game, on his last series, he threw a touchdown to someone (I'm guessing Roy). In usual celebration mode, I start slapping high fives and am turned around. Before I know what's happened, I see a guy two rows behind me catch a football, and I'm like "what the hell?" I turn around and see Major standing there cheering, and the crowd is going nuts. Apparently after the touchdown, he ran over, took the ball from Roy, and threw it into the
crowd...and I could have almost sort of caught it if I hadn't been turned around...not to mention I'd missed one of the coolest moments ever.

Needless to say, I'm still a reckless high-fiver. Oh well.


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