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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

On Our Way

This afternoon, FTP and I are rolling out of the DCizzle en route to ATX.
She's starting a job and I need to be at the Ohio State game. The other day
I was thinking about the game last year and our national title and all that
jazz-izzle, and suddenly I found myself all worked up about how Texas still
gets no respect. We were number two all of last year because everyone felt
that until USC lost they were the champs and had earned that big fat #1 next
to their name. I agree. For 30+ days before the Rose Bowl we heard alllllll
about how they were the greatest thing since white bread (that's not racial
humor). On Jan. 4, we beat 'em and became #1. Correction: we became #1 for
about two weeks until Vince announced he was leaving, at which point all the
preseason polls put Ohio State and Notre Dame at the top.

WTF? I mean seriously....O-M-G.

We ARE the champions. Yet here I sit, 3.5 days from the second Texas/OSU
showdown, and again, we're #2. I hope that really pisses off my boys, and I
hope they go out on Saturday nite and remind the country and the critics
that...yeah that's right...We ARE the champions.

As far as the Tarrell Brown situation goes, I like what Chizik said:
"That's what's so great about working at Texas...we have great depth."
Initially, when the news hit, I was a firm "hell no" they should not play.
The more I hear, the more I think they should. People in glass houses
shouldn't throw stones, and who among us has not woken up with a gun in our
lap. I mean...[Gob]Come On![Gob]. But Mack needed to set an example, which I
appreciate, and at least they have all week to make the adjustments. I'd
really like Aaron Harris's head on a platter right now. Maybe on the end of
yellow tongs to dip into some fondue. Just saying.

And with that I'm outta here. Glasses on, Peace out.


At 9:56 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glasses on!! Miss you and FTP already. Don't just bring sexy back; bring back a victory over tOSU, just like last year!!

- the bear


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