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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lee Corso has a baby arm

Kacie mentioned this sign to me when we got back from the game, and I found the picture on deadspin this morning. I gotta give major props for both creativity and ingenuity in getting a sign into the stadium. For further information on this condition that afflicts 1.2 percent of the male population, click here.

I got back from Texas about an hour ago. I wore my 2005 Natl. Champions t-shirt the whole way, and I did my crossword puzzle with my 2005 Natl. Champions pen. People made comments. A flight attendant served me "Ohio State red" tomato juice. A man said "maybe next year." Another lady said "bet you had a good time Saturday nite." To all of them I politely nodded and willed lightening to strike their homes. As was said by one of the idiots behind me on Saturday, win or lose, I'm still a longhorn. Burnt Orange: THESE COLORS DON'T RUN!!!

(actually, they do run...quite well...which is why I'm a little curious we didnt run MORE on Saturday. But I digress).

I'm going to go back to making an attempt at sleep. More trip details and anecdotes later.


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