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Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm disgusting

Not really. I'm just disgustingly full right now. Why do they call it black
bean soup, when really it's just black beans with extra broth. And why do I
continue to eat it long past the point when my body tells me to stop? It's
going to be a long afternoon, and let me just say I'm SUPER psyched for my
two hour meeting!

Anywayzzz...another hilarious deadspin article

I used to fall for the 'if your hand is bigger than your face' joke all the
time. I was a slow child...probably because my parents tried to restrict my
TV. Once they let me watch as much as I wanted, I got more smarter. It's
true. Anyways, a quick examination of my own hand shows that my ring finger
is definitely much longer than my index finger. I think that not only makes
me better at sports, but better at life in general. Suck it Trebek!


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