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Sunday, September 03, 2006

If you're gonna run to the store, would you mind bringing sexy back?

I just took a deep breath. It's here.

I love Saturdays (without weddings) in the fall. Overall I've had one of the best weekends I could have asked for...and my ass still aint gotta go to work tomorrow. Booya! I'm not sure where even to begin. As previously mentioned, a tropical storm blew through town on Friday nite, and at 8 p.m., while watching the Ohio State game from last year, my power went out. All of my power, that is, except for the outlets in my kitchen (meaning i had microwave, stove, fridge, toaster, foreman...everything a girl could need). The posse and I loaded up our 48 beers and went over to the attorney's house to watch the rose bowl, which we did. And surprise, we won. Again. I had forgotten how the shit my boy David Thomas was in that game.

Take THAT Ernesto! All a girl needs is a granny cart and an umbrella, and the party continues!

Anyways, gameday we started off with some bloodys, the bear did my fantasy football picks, and then headed to Rhodeside Grill an hour-and-a-half before kickoff so as to be sure to get my table. We did, and the best part is that they added a 33 inch HD flat screen to the wall at my table. The owner walked by and I expressed my joy at that addition, and he said, "we put that in here just for you." NOw, I realize he probably meant "for you, the Texas Exes." But in my head he meant "FOR ME! STEEZY!" I really can't imagine a better place to watch the games than Rhodeside (besides DKR of course). They've done some serious work from last season (when even then it was pretty much awesome)...all the wait staff had on Texas shirts, and they played the fight song and the eyes when appropriate. Probably my favorite part is that I know everybody there. 250-300 people and I know EVERYBODY. If I don't know them, then they know me. If they don't know me, they want to know me. It's so much G-D fun!

My thoughts on our team: Colt looks solid. Defense looks solid. With the kind of offensive weapons we have (Limas, Billy, Chuckles, S-L Young, etc) we dont need Colt to be spectacular; we just need him to play smart, and get the ball in the right hands. I wont lie that I'm a little concerned about next week, just because OSU's offense looked sick yesterday. HOWEVER I believe in Colt McCoy (TUSCOLA TEXAS!!!). Next week is gonna be hella fun.

And I'll be damned if OUSucks didn't almost lose their opener for the second straight year!! Quote of the day from Deadspin: "Rhett Bomar was very effective in sweeping up Section 108 after everyone had left." Haha...Bomar is a janitor. It's funny cuz it's true. The only thing that's actually funnier is that the "new era" at Colorado began with a loss to a Div. II team. Oh, I'm sorry, is that not funny? Let me re-phrase: they lost to a Div. II team from MONTANA! A Div. II in Texas or Florida is at least minorly forgiveable (not really, but I'm trying).

One last thing for now (I'll probably have more to say tomorry once I read what the analysts tell me I should say). I used to loooooooove the intro video they showed before the horns came out the tunnel. A lot of people didn't like it, but I did, and that's ultimately what matters to Texas Athletics: keeping Steez happy. Anyways, Sass has reported that it shanged slightly with the installation of the new Gigandorboard (I refuse to call it Godzillatron, because it's gone too mainstream now). As I was trolling about on Hornfans, I found (after many fruitless searches) a link to the video! It doesnt have the same effect as being in the stadium with 82K dancing and jumping and screaming. Even better, after the intro clip, is a highlight reel with an original tune attached. So enjoy it, and thank you internet football video gods (it's too big a file to post, sorry):

Link here, scroll down to team highlights. It's the file called "one last look" and you have to right click-->save as. Sorry for the hoops jerks!


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