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Monday, September 18, 2006

I just can't do it captain! I don't have the power!

OUSucks lost this weekend. Actually pretty much everyone in the Big 12 lost, but that's besides the point. OUSucks lost and apparently they shouldn't have.

To set the scene: we're at the local watering hole watching the Texas game when a slight roar goes up behind us. Heads turn, and it is realized that OU has relinquished a 13/14 pt lead with 110 seconds less. Ramon, standing next to me, says, "No! No! This is bad! We need OU to win for the strength of schedule."

That's qwite the dilemma, and it's one that seems to come up during pre-conference and bowl season every year. My solution: I don't give a huckleberry; I cannot cheer for OU to win. I can't do it. Even three years ago when OU was losing the Big 12 Championship Game to Kansas State, a loss that ended up knocking us out of a BCS game but not OU out of the National Championship Game, I had a hard time until late in the game actually willing the Sooners to do SOMETHING! DO ANYTHING! (as an aside, I did not have a hard time getting myself drunk afterwards...one is only the lonliest number when you don't have vodka). The same goes here, though obviously on a much smaller scale. I'd rather us help ourselves then have to cheer for a Sooner victory.

Ramon later told me that we didn't have to root FOR the Sooners...we could have just not rooted against them. But ultimately, if we're not in the stadium does it really matter? I mean me yelling at the TV screen or not yelling at the TV screen...last I heard, they'll never know, right?

In that case, it's 11:22 and OU STILL SUCKS

And while we're on the topic of sucking, I was all amped up tonite to watch the premiere of the new NBC show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (which was not as great as one would hope, but good nonetheless). Anyways, thinking the show started at 9, I flip over to NBC a few minutes early, and what I discovered there was not pretty. Deal or No Deal.

Are you kidding me with this show? Really? Really, America? Seriously? There is pretty much nothing I've ever seen that's dumber...and remember: I watch Flavor of Love. Religiously. It requires no skill, no logic, no smarts, no nothing. The guy I was watching picked a case and his family says, "Did you really think about 19 or are you just picking at random?" Um, ma'am, if you really think that him really thinking about the case makes a dang bit of difference, then I hope you take your money and go see a psychic.

Howie Mandell just makes it worse. There is a new crop of bald freaky men out there right now, and if this is what the future looks like, then pass me the cyanide pills now. (sorry, bad experience with the baldies).


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