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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Go Cure Cancer

People do pick arguments with me about how awesome Texas is at everything. What few people pick arguments with me about is how our commercials are hands down the best of any university. Don't believe me? Watch

Though one could argue that the schools that just show students on campus (including the requisite 5.5. minorities working in a lab) are all equally as shitacular, I have a new nominee for worst: University of Florida. I can find the video, but here's the description. It's even dumber than it sounds.

Sam Houston State today. I'm confident enough that I think I probably could wear my "I'm Mack Brown Bitch" tshirt, but I don't want to totally tempt fate. The fun fact of the day, as relayed by the Gameday Boys: We beat UNT by 49. UNT beat SMU by 18. SMU beat Sam Houston by 31. So we should beat SHSU by 98. OMG it's going to be like totally awesome.

And as a random aside, I just found out a girl I knew and was fake friends with in college is married to former UT basketball player and current assistant coach Chris Ogden. It makes me angry. There's a picture of her and a kid, but I think it might be her niece. Still, she's kinda like that Lindsay Lohan movie where she never seems to have bad luck. And that's pretty much why I never really liked her. She also had herpes. Okay, not really, but you can imagine how tight that would be.

FInishing up my brew dawg and am off to Rhodeside. Go Horns!


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