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Monday, September 25, 2006



Poor Chris Simms. Really. I mean that. The dude is paying some serious karma for his severe pretty-ness.

I'm in a minority, but I was a Simms fan at Texas. The guy got a raw-ass deal. If probably the most loveable quarterback in the history of history hadn't been on the roster, I think things would have been much much different. But instead, Mr. Pretty-Boy-Son-of-a-Super-Bowl-Winner will go down in the books as one of the most devisive players to ever come through Texas. Last year I got into a shouting match and near-hair-pulling scream fest with someone who was all up in arms about Simms. I mean, lady...he doesnt even play for us anymore, and yet you continue to harp on him. Move on! Hate Adrian Peterson! Hate Reggie Bush! Hate Greg Davis for chrissakes! But give Chrissy a rest.

Why do I love Chris? Well, I love that he's so pretty, but I wouldnt say I loved him. However, I'm of the persuasion that as a true fan you should never, ever, ever boo your own players. And Chris heard a lot of boos. A lot of them deserved, sure, but if you look at the stats, he had a great career as a longhorn. Until a certain superhero came along, he held (and holds) many a Texas record. But ultimately his demise were his major failures in major games. That does not a legend make. At least not a good kind of legend. The only time I found myself sick to the stomach about Chris was a certain Big 12 Championship Game in December 2001. That was quite possibly the worst nite of my life. Though I'm a big believer in football being a "team sport" that nite was all about Christopher's suckage. And being there, even though Major brought us back, it didn't feel like a comeback...it felt more like saving face so the score doesn't look so bad.

I felt for Chris when he almost dropped out of the first day of the draft, and then felt good for him that he'd get to play for Mr. QB-maker, Jon Gruden in TB. I rooted for Brad Johnson to suck, and I rooted for Chris to get better. Going into the regular season he'd looked solid. Could it be that he'd finally find the love and acceptance that he'd lacked for so long? Could it be!? COULD IT BE!!!!????

Through three games: 7 interceptions; 1 touchdown.

That's gotta hurt more than a busted spleen. But damn boy...you is fine. I think I gots me a tingle in my basement.

P.S. I love me some Major, but look how funny he looks in this picture:


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