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Monday, August 28, 2006

Aint that about a B*tch?

Five more days until foozball season!! Both of my parents and my sister went to North Texas, so this is pretty much my favorite game of every season in terms of familial superiority. We've won the last two meetings with them by a margin of 92-0. My sister (who loves the brothas) went out with the UNT running back for a little while (i.e. 14 seconds, setting a new Steezy family record), so obviously she's not a fan.

Mack announced today that Colt McCoy would be starting, which didnt come as much of a surprise to those of us in the know (meaning, those of us that do not have any work to do and therefore can just sit and read the interwebs all day). I was rooting for Colt for two reasons: he has better skin and a better name. Seriously, I understand that Jevan Snead is like 18 (not a boy, not yet a man), but his face is ten kinds of nast. When the horns came to the White House, FTP asked for his autograph and he looked at us like like we'd asked him to shave all his body hair. Without skipping a beat she said, "you better get used to this if you're gonna be a quarterback at Texas." This was also pre-haircut, so now he looks considerably less like Ashley Parker Angel.

Jevan before his Proactiv ad

COLT with a mini-manstache

In other news, this may be the only time size does not mean you're compensating for something.


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